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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What if you have a mechanical failure during the event?
A. We have a backup computer and printer in case that happens, we also provide partial refund for the time lost

Q. Do you accept credit cards?
A. Yes, via PayPal, but an extra service charge will apply.

Q. Do you have insurance?
A. Yes all of our equipment and attendants are insurance through our company

Q. How big is the booth?
A. The unit that takes the photos is adjustable and can range from 4-6ft including the lighting equipment and the backdrop is about 10 feet tall (we can generally accommodate all children and very tall adults.

Q. What is a Boomerang?

Q. Can we add custom messages to the prints?
A. Yes, generally you can add a short sentence at most on the print without sacrificing space for the photos

Q. What size are the prints?
A. 4×6 or 2×6 strips

Q. How much time does the attendant need to set A. About 1hour

Q. What does the attendant do?
A. Our attendants are very experienced with trouble shooting the booth (if need be). They set up and break down the booth and generally keep tabs on all photo booth equipment and props

Q. Who do you serve? A. We serve Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside County and San Diego Areas here in sunny California

Q. Do the photos print on the spot?
A. Yes, photos print on the spot within 20 seconds

Q. If I need to close down the booth to redirect guests back to the main program, does that cut into your service time.
A. No, our packages range from 4-5 hours flat. Our workers operate the booth in shifts.

Q. Do you need a table?
A. Yes, we usually work with the venue to house all the props, guestbooks, signs, etc.

Q. Is it wheelchair accessible?
A. Yes

Q. Do you provide props?
A. Yes, we keep our props modern and clean for every single client. No dingy old props here.

Q. How many pictures does it take?
A. 3 to 4 depend on your chosen layout

Q. How is the picture quality?
A. The photos are taken with the same camera body and lenses used that we use to photograph weddings professionally, so the quality is outstanding.

Q. Will I get a copy of all the photos taken?
A. Yes, all packages include a password protected online gallery for you to download and share

Q. Do I need to choose between B/W or Color photos?
A. Yes, you can choose before your event

Q. Is there a limit of photos taken?
A. No, our packages run from 4 to 5 hour packages, unlimited photos during that time

Q. Will I be able to see myself before the camera snaps?
A. Yes we have a touch screen control panel for you to “start” and you can also see yourself and your friends as the clock counts down

Q. What’s the difference between your booth and others?
A. Our booth promotes freedom. By that we mean that there are no walls or ‘booth’ to constrain you or your friends. Stuff as many people you can fit into the frame.

Q. Can you put the booth outside?
A. Yes, we have all the appropriate equipment to hold down and secure the booth and the backdrops (super strong winds and rain could still be an issue though, not fun for guests either)

Q. Can you move the booth to a higher floor?
A. Absolutely, our booth is organized in custom case that houses all its components completely and easily mobile


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